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Consumer Behavior : Assignment

Added on - 14 Jun 2021

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Running head: Consumer BehaviorConsumer Behavior
Consumer Behavior"Blogs and Customer Reviews influence on purchase decision”Blogs and reviews are one of the popular sources of getting the information. By sittinganywhere the individual can easily get the information of the products and services offered bythe company. When a customer wants to purchase a product it is seen that they read the blogswritten by the bloggers and also reviews the comments of the customers who have alreadyexperienced the service. The suggestions and feedback given by them help an individual tochoose the best product among the various ranges. The feedback can be negative as well aspositive also, so by reading it the customer get an idea whether to purchase the product or not.Blogging is considered as a source from which the customers can get proper knowledge aboutproducts and services (Krestel and Dokoohaki, 2015). The motive if the bloggers are to giveinformation about the products and services experienced by them. There are many types ofbloggers like food bloggers, fashion blogger, travel blogger and also product blogger. It ismedium through which customers or an individual can interact with the people who have alreadyexperienced the products and the services. It is a popular search engine tool that helps the peopleto gain information about the specific service or the product. There are many pages of thebloggers on Instagram and Facebook from which the customers can easily gain the informationregarding the products and services (Fang et al., 2016).In this essay, the discussion will be related to that how blogs and customer reviews areconsidered as an important factor at the time of making a decision related to purchasing. Byreading blogs and reviews it can be easy for the customers to have a proper understanding of theproducts and services. With the help of internet, it can be simple for the customers to accessblogs and reviews given by the customers. Blogs and customer reviews help the customers totake right decisions related to the products and services (Harmeling et al., 2017). Through blogsand reviews, the customer thinking pattern changes and they start taking correct decisions. Theinformation given by the bloggers helps the customers to invest time and money at a right place.If a person if thinking negative about a product or a service, the blogs and customer review canchange the mindset in a positive manner (Colton, 2018).If the emphasis is given to the current environment, then it can be seen that customer aremore inclined towards latest digital technologies. New and latest information can be gatheredwith the help of digital technologies. People are ordering food and also the clothes and gadgets1
Consumer Behaviorby sitting a home. They gather information by reading blogs and customer reviews. Blogs andreviews are also given on social media and through social media, it can be spread to a largeaudience in less time (Jarreau and Porter, 2018). When a person goes to purchase a product orthe service they first gather the information about the price, features, and quality so that they cantake accurate decisions. If a blogger or customer tries any product and they are not satisfied withit then it can give negative impact on the image of the company. The negative feedback given bythe customers can induce them to try a new product or the substitute's available in the market.There are many new products and services available in the market, so through blogs andcustomer reviews, people get awareness (Leal et al., 2014).The purchasing decisions of the customers are affected just because of the post given bythe bloggers and customers. Blogs and the reviews by the customer affect the decision-makingprocess of the customers. By reading blogs and customer review it can be easy for the customerto attain knowledge of each and every field. If a person has a negative image of the product thenit can be changed to the point positive of the specific product or service (Park and Nicolau,2015). Sometimes by seeing the image or the pictures post by the blogger or the customer caninduce them to purchase or avail the services. It is a human nature that people consider thosethings which are given by the other people.If a person says that this product is not good then theywill accept and will never experience it. The tendency is made of an individual in reference tothe suggestions given by the other people (Lemon and Verhoef, 2016).If an individual suggests or gives view to try the product then whenever a person is goingsomeone he or she will give a thought to that suggestion. Like a food blogger posted amazingpictures and blogs on a café which is new in the city. Then a person who is thinking or finding anew place to visit will take that suggestion given by the blogger as a priority and will avail theservices. Positive feedbacks can also enhance the image of the products and services in themarket. If positive feedback is given by the blogger or the customer then people think that thereis something good in this product or the service whereas as negative feedback can reduce thedemand and can also change the positive mind of a person. When a person gets confused at thetime of purchasing the product they choose to read the blogs or the customer review so that theirconfusion can be reduced (Ng and Wakenshaw, 2017). Hence, it has been seen that majority of2
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