Competitive Advantage and Value Maximization of PepsiCo


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Engagement : Consultation ExerciseBusiness NameBusiness NatureChairman’ s nameDate of ConsultationPepsi Co.Beverages and Food ProcessingIndra NooyiCompetitive Advantage1.What is the unique competitive advantage of the business?PepsiCo focuses on minimization of the cost as their way to improve the overall competitiveness and financial performance. The company has special promotional offers with discounted prices. Further the company is offering new products for capturing large number of consumers. Pepsi Co has been developing variants and products like reduced salt, low-calorie, low-saturated-fat variants etc. 2.Does the business have another competitive advantage that is not being properly exploited?PepsiCo has implemented market penetration which supports their business growth and is considered as the primary intensive growth strategy. This enables the company to support the growth of the business and obtaining biggest market share. This strategy of competitive advantage is linked with cost leadership supporting the growth of the company.3.How should rival business Coca Cola has been aiming to bring a revolution in

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