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1HUMAN RESOURCE DECISIONThere is two broad category of sources that a company or recruitment department considerswhile recruiting staffs for an open position such as internal sources and external sources. Internalsources are the areas in which the people are recruited or hired from within the organization andwho is already under the payroll system of the company (Barma & Gupta, 2015). On the otherhand, external sources are the ones when people are recruited from outside the office or the onesthat are not working in the company. Both the sources has some advantages and disadvantages(Basak & Khanna, 2017). Advantages of internal sources are: Improves morale of all the employees when an employee is selected from within theorganization Promoted loyalty among the employees towards the organization Minimizes chances of errors in work as the work are already known  No or minimum training costs Disadvantages of internal sources are: Discourages other capable people from outside to join the organization It is possible that people with required qualification are not available in the organization  Lack of creativity and innovation in the organization (Barma & Gupta, 2015)Advantages of external sources are: Availability of well qualified and suitable person  Brings in new ideas and innovation in the business
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