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Running Head: The impact of social mediaInterpersonal and e-communication
The impact of social media1The impact of social media on contemporary business communicationSocial media have provided many ways to communicate by using advancedtechnologies. Communication is the key component for any organisation to work smoothly.The medium of communication has changed from last few years due to innovation ofadvanced technology. Technology has made communication easy; in 21stcentury everyonerelies on online payment and social media to communicate their message.Business communication has also changed from last few years due to innovation ofinternet and social media which provides faster services and provides ways to get morecustomers to the business. In 19thcentury people use to transfer their messages throughmagazines, phone or conferences. These methods have poor feedback facility, so to provideflexible and reliable was to communicate social media platform can be used. Social mediahas made business communication easy and it can be done instantly in back and forthmanner. Improved communication in business helps in expanding the network and briningmany customers together(Perloff, 2014). Apart from that in business the overall productionprocess is done electronically that helps in efficient functioning. For example an individualstarted online business for selling products across the globe, for more pre-sized wayconsidering the case of Amazon that has expanded all over the world due to social media. Ithas offered a user friendly environment where users can easily give feedback and havesmooth communication which leads to customer satisfaction. The feedback is beneficial forthe business as they can understand the query and resolve it to provide better customersatisfaction. Social media has helped in increasing the profit margin as it promotes theproduct and services.Business communication is essential for every organisation as it improves the inter-personal relation between the employees. It helps in analysing market scenario andunderstanding the market demand. Social media has provided a way to have two waycommunication were owner can promote their products and services and customers can raisea query. Social media has definitely impacted business communication as it is used as aplatform to promote services to end users. Business communication is also used tocommunicate with another business as it strengthens the relation. On the other hand itenhances the overall growth of an organisation by identifying the actions that need to beundertaken to make appropriate decisions. Social media helps in socializing the business andhelps in connecting with the employees situated in remote areas (Belgium,2018). Business
The impact of social media2communication need to be clear to build trust among employees which can be done usingsocial media is a medium. While communicating in an efficient manner improvesproductivity and avoids the chance of conflicts. It has impacted the business as it allow theinformation to be accessed from any corner of the globe and apart from providing the facilityto have verbal communication, social media can use advertisement as a medium to depicttheir story (Eslit,2018). For example manager of the company is in some other country andsome urgent decision need to be made for that case social media is beneficial as it motivatethe employees to take risk and feel free to communicate anytime(Gerbaudo and Treré, 2015).Commination in a business is important to manage internal policies of an organisation.The changes due to social media have impacted the business in a positive andnegative manner. Nowadays employees in an organisation can communicate within secondsrather than waiting for revert. Social media act like a channel to reach larger customers andget more audience to the business(Poell, 2014). Social media with the combination ofadvances technology has filled the communication gap in the business. Business sale haveincreased exponentially from last few years due to social media as various campaigns areorganised to track the performance of employees. Social media helps in providing clearvisualization of the entire scenario(Benson, Morgan and Filippaios, 2014). Few years backvisualization of business was limited to sharing the brand information among audience now ithave provided a way to make rapid decisions. Social media has provided better customerexperience as businesses remain active whole day long. Customers can ask for a query andget revert immediately.Social media has impacted the communication in businesses as it makes valuableasset visible to the world and captures loyal customers by interacting with them. Social mediahas made the recruitment process easy as mangers can easily search for talented employeesby communicating with the one looking for better opportunities. It provides opportunities toemployees who are looking for job by advertising about vacancies(Braojos-Gomez, Benitez-Amado and Llorens-Montes, 2015). Social media has impacted the communication innegative way also as the information is not secure and can be used critically by unauthorizeduser. The issue associated with social media is that there are chances of leakage ofconfidentiality of data packets(Ngai, et. al, 2015). Social media can even destroy credibilityof business if there is less number of views. Social media can also be misused by performingcybercrimes and spreading rumours. Some people also use it as a platform for blackmailingwhich it turn increases the chances of attack.
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