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Pay per click is a paid effective
online marketing strategy which is
all about attracting people to a
certain website. In this case an
online organization or an online
brand pays an amount to a
website owner via the platform
eg. Google, Bing, to show his
advertisement in his website and
thereby increasing the number of
visitors or customers or buyers.
Types of Ads
Pay Per Click Advertisement
Paid Advertisement Mode for Online Marketing
Figure #3
With all these Smart
Restorations can effectively
boost up their marketing plan
and can also increase their
visibility. Pay per click
advertisement is done via tools
like Google AdWords or Bing
AdCenter. There are other
remarketing platforms which
retargets visitors based on their
past search history. It is a quick
mode of advertisement to
market ones products with
specified geographies. The last
important point in this prospect
is that pay per click ads has to
be very presentable
Introduction Results
Why different ad
Text Ad- This ad format is
used for search based ads
on search engines page
Dynamic Ad- Such a ad
format changes types from
search or image based on
website or ad space.
Mobile App- Comes when
visitor searches in app
Call only Ads- The
advertisement which
comes with a contact
number which allows
customers to connect via
mobile directly
Better PPC Performance
The Ad Marketing platforms
Figure #1
Figure #2
Pay per click advertisement can
be used by Smart Restoration as
a brand building activity and
engagement tool across social
media to create a sales funnel
across that. It starts with a simple
google search about the product
line or a generic keyword and
generates a related paid ad and
takes the visitor to the website.
On the website the user finds his
related products and reaches out
to the company either by calling
or filling a form.
This advertisement type retargets
historic visitors to website by showing
related search products which is based
on browser cache. This marketing type
is more focused and Smart Restoration
can use this to lure customers who
already know the brand.
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