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IntroductionThis document outlines the digital marketing strategy, our healthy eating websiteand our mobile application. The strategy will be based on our assumptions and knowledge gainedthrough the research phase of our requirements document.We aim to use both traditional and internet marketing concepts to drive traffic to our website and inturn create a demand for the what2eat application downloads. Social media will be a key platformfor launching our product and getting our message across and also maintaining a relationship withour users. This strategy will act as a framework for our campaign but will need to be fluid goingforward. We may need to adapt or change certain aspects of our strategy as feedback is receivedand marketing data is measured. The budget we have been allocated will need to be managedeffectively in order to set a realistic duration for the campaign.Target AudienceThis product can be used by anyone, of any age, sex or background, who is interested in monitoringtheir diet. However, it is aimed particularly at those with special dietary needs or requirements, suchas vegans, vegetarians and coeliacs. Although we will aim to raise brand awareness to the generalpublic, it would be beneficial to target individuals who already have an interest in specialty diets asthese are the people who are most likely to download our app.StrategyObjectiveThe product we have developed for this purpose of this project is a health food mobile applicationname ‘what2eat’. As our main objective is to maximise the number of downloads of our application,we will be tailoring our strategy plan keeping this is our ultimate goal. However, we will be takinginto consideration other means of achieving success, such as raising brand awareness, getting our
application noticed, and attempting to drive traffic to our online website, all of which will hopefullyresult in a higher volume of downloads.We have considered many channels of both traditional marketing strategies such as newspaper,radio, and magazine advertisements, and many methods of internet marketing such as social media,email marketing and search engine marketing. We have developed a strategy plan by utilising thefollowing channels which we feel are most suited to our overall needs at this stage of our productdevelopment.Online advertisingAs our product is ultimately a digital product, we feel that online advertising is potentially one of themost suitable channels to utilise for the promotion of our brand. There are several ways in which weplan to do this, such as advertising a banner or skyscraper ad on other websites. We developedattractive banner and skyscraper ads (Appendix 1) containing our most vital information, along withan option to download our app. The next question was where to place these ads to optimise userviews.Our foremost thought was to advertise on sites that would get a high volume of traffic, for examplesocial media sites such as Facebook. We set up an online advertising account on Facebook whichallowed us to reach users and place a skyscraper ad which would provide them with a link todownload our app.As our app has a function which allows users to see what restaurants we recommend for their dietand also retail stores we recommend they purchase food from, we decided to avail of affiliatemarketing strategy and approach these restaurants and stores to enquire whether they would bewilling to place our advertisements on their own websites in exchange for our recommendations.This channel had the added bonus that the majority of people visiting these sites were likely to fallunder the category of our desired demographic and the people most likely to be attracted to ourapp.ASO – App Store OptimisationAs the product we have developed is a mobile application, it made good business sense to researchwhat the best ways to successfully promote an app. One article that we came upon that we foundinformative was to the author, an oftenunderrated channel is ASO. We determined the following ways were the most effective ways toutilise this channel:App name: As a lot of people who will be using the app will be searching for the type of appthey are looking for using keywords, it is advised to put the keywords into the name of theapp itself. That way, when the users type in these words, our app should be among the firstto appear.App profile page: As the profile page of the app is the first thing that people will see, itshould be treated with the same importance as a website landing page. The app descriptionshould be engaging and detailed while remaining succinct, and the screenshots of the appshould be attractive to the eye.App ratings: One of the first things people will do when they are considering downloading anapp is look for reviews from other users. For this reason, we feel it is wise to get somepositive reviews added as soon as possible to reassure potential users that our app is userfriendly and helpful.
Web 2.0 toolsAn important part of raising brand awareness of any product or company is to apply Web 2.0 tools.For our brand, we dedicated a lot of time into developing pages on Facebook, twitter, Instagram andPinterest. A lot of our strategy will be focused on potential users, existing bloggers and organisationsthat can promote our website and app. We will be targeting the Irish and UK market and we need toengage with many healthy eating type businesses or organisations. Initially we will engage with 3particular organisations that fit in with our brand:1.Coeliac society of Ireland2.Vegan society of Ireland3.Vegetarian society of IrelandAll have a social profile which can be easily engaged with. They have weekly events they promoteand most are free to attend. Simply be sharing their feeds and linking back to our site will let themknow we are here and here to help promote their core message. This will also enable their audiencesee us and hopefully engage with us.Blogging is also a major contributor to promoting a brand and we will need to be writing our ownengaging relevant content on a regular basis that sparks an interest within the health eatingcommunity. We can routinely use this content to create teaser blurbs which can be strategicallyplaced throughout social media and blogs when our product or similar is being talked about witha link back to our site.We need to engage with healthy eating advocates and bloggers that have a substantial following. Forexample Instagram’s top food blogger Indy Power’s website hasbecome the go-to location for wholesome and delicious recipes. For those new to the clean eatinglifestyle, this is a good place to start, as there is a wide variety of gluten free, dairy free, vegan, rawand paleo recipes as well as more nutritious versions of traditional meals.Also fitness sites like men’s health, women’s health mag have a huge following inserting our links inrelevant articles and comments can be seen by thousands. Healthy eating is also associated withlong life and great skin we need to target beauty sites and bloggers like Essential vegan, The 9-5foodie, A balanced belly to name just a few of the top 20 health and beauty websites in the UK.Health and beauty journalists are very influential and one mention from them could mean the worldto a starter product like ours we need to be following as many as possible and seeking everyopportunity whether through press release, social media, or our multimedia channels like YouTubeto let them know who we are and what we do at every meaningful opportunity.Television programs that focus on lifestyle and healthy living can also be targeted we may not havethe budget for an advert just yet but engaging with these programs through twitter using hashtagson programs like RTE’s ‘What are you eating’ with Philip Boucher Hayes’ before, during and aftersocial media was alive with talk of healthy eating, it is in places like this where #what2eat needs tobe promoted.In order to keep our eye on the ball we need to have google notifications set up so we can keeptrack of anyone talking about anything related to our product so we decide how we can engagewhile being relevant and draw users to our site. Then when we have built an online presence/brandso every time someone talks about us we can find out where they are posting and respond to whatthey are saying while always being measured in how we respond or engage in order to protect andin turn boost the brand of our product.
VideoVideo can be an essential element in fostering interest in what2eat, maintaining customer and socialinteraction, and increasing conversion rates. It will support all the other three approaches as well asoffering its own form of traffic generation through the use of a YouTube channel.As we can see in the above graphic the relationship between YouTube and the website and SocialMedia is one of support and traffic generation. The YouTube channel itself will drive traffic to thesite, but the videos posted and hosted on the channel can also be embedded in the landing page andon Social Media pages to encourage engagement from viewers and gain maximum reach.
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