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IT Infrastructure Management- Assignment

Added on - 04 Mar 2020

IT Infrastructure Management, is a report that tells how IT plays an important role in establishing a career. In the field of IT, an employer would like to employ a person who has technical, personable,detail-oriented, energetic, creative, analytical, and logical skills. Though the IT employees get the scope of learning about technology, that is too good for our country.

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Running Head: IT Infrastructure ManagementIT InfrastructureManagement
IT Infrastructure Management1Information technologyIT stands for the information technology. Information technology refers to as the use of systems(telecommunication and computers) for retrieving, storing, and sending information. IT isconsidered as a subset of Information and communication technology (ICT) ( Lloyd, 2017). ITplays an important role in establishing my career. In the field of IT, an employer would like toemploy a person who has skills such as technical, personable, detail-oriented, energetic, creative,analytical, and logical. The company wants to appoint the employees who can handle technicalissues. IT helps in adding value to my CV, by comprising the technical skills such as C/C++,Flash, Linux, OSX, and Python in my CV will make the interviewer impressed. I believe that if Ihave some technical skills that I can get placements not only in IT fields but at differentdirections.The business process includes set of activities that state how business tasks are performed. Inother words, it's a way through which organization organizes and coordinate work activities. ITautomates manual business activities and makes an organization more efficient. The companycan perform task simultaneously rather than wasting time by performing one by one task(Harmon, 2014). IT can drive new business model which is not possible without the technology.The activities are going to be easily linked with the help of technology. Processes situated atdifferent plans can easily be linked with the use of IT. For example- Organization operationssituated at different places can do conferences and meetings for making plans and policies for thecompany. Some of the emerging technologies which are used by the organizations includeArtificial intelligence, 3D printing, Gene therapy, Nanotechnology, Robotics, Cancer vaccines,
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In the assignment, we discussed how information technology emerges from the old business to adopt new technology in their businesses, but there is some risk in implementation of the new system that the staff doesn’t adapt the changes frequently and these situations create the mindset of learning new technologies.