Comparison of Marketing Mix for Cadbury


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Marketing Mix
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Marketing basically referred as one of the crucial business technique that can be utilised by a
business organisation when it comes to promoting products or services in front of targeted
consumers. Here, main aim of this department of a business organisation is to enhance the
profit margins through grabbing the attention of customers at both international and national
level. The present report is based on Cadbury, British multinational confectionery company
which was incorporated in 1824 and Headquartered in England, United Kingdom. This PPT
reflects about comparison of marketing mix and basic plan for Cadbury.

Comparison of marketing mix
Marketing mix refers to set of certain elements that helps business organisation in attaining
their marketing objectives within the targeted marketplace. The framework clearly shows
combination of various factors that can be monitored and controlled by business organisation
in order to influence interest of customers to buy the products offered by the company. The
framework includes 7 elements such as product, price, place, promotion, process, people and
physical environment. With the reference to Cadbury, it has been analysed that top
management team of this company has asked their marketing manager to conduct an
effective marketing mix of their own company that is Cadbury as well as their one of the core
competitor company.

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