Marketing Strategy and Plan Assignment

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MARKETING STRATEGY AND PLAN1IntroductionDiet coke is being considered as a soft drink which is sugar-free, and it is provided by the Coca-Cola Company. It is a type of coke which helps in maintaining the health of people depending ontheir taste and preferences. The demand for drinking products in the Irish market is very huge.Maximum people relies on the drinking products such as tea, milk, and soft-drink (Friedman,2016). All these drinks give the feeling of comfort to them. The below given answers provide usknowledge of marketing campaign and initiatives of the Coca-Cola towards the soft-drink marketof the Irish. It is being considered as the top soft-drink company of the Irish which offersdifferent types of products to its consumers.Answer 1Ireland is considered as one of the biggest per capita consumers of tea across the world. It issignificantly similar to the culture of UK. The culture of Irish team is a combination of differentelements such as citizens of Ireland usually, prefer tea with sugar or milk and is little stronger orspicier than the traditional English Blend (Islam, 2013). There are various reasons for the culturalstrength of tea in the Irish market, some of them are given below:Tea is considered as a household task for Irish people. It is the first priority of Irishcitizens.Tea is considered as a ground in order to welcome people. Offering a cup of tea isconsidered the backbone of the Irish hospitality.As per the culture of Irish, tea is considered as the main source of their comfort whichgives the feeling of relaxation and comfort to them. It is considered the symbol of theirhospitality services.
MARKETING STRATEGY AND PLAN2All these reasons make tea very popular among the Irish people. Having a cup of tea gives largesatisfaction to the Irish people (Solomon, 2014). Thus, it can be said that there is a strongrelationship between the demand for the tea and satisfaction level of people.The culture of every country is different from others. Diet cock achieved high growth in themarket of the Ireland. It places itself in the eyes of customers. It satisfies the different levels ofcultural meaning which are given below:National cultural level: It is a type of culture that deals with the awareness of culturalpatterns and dynamics by nationality. As per the given case, it can be said that the dietcoke placed itself in national cultural level in an efficient manner. This will give theopportunity to the organization to continue to enhance its sale by providing largesatisfaction to customers of the nation. With the diet coke, the organization is able tobuild international outsourcing relationships which will be helpful in capturing the otherpotential market of the different countries.It mainly attracts the market share of the different products that are outside the traditionalfuzzy soft drinks market. This will be helpful in placing a significant position andminimize the market share of tea. In Ireland, tea is considered to be the most desirablesocial drinks, and it is necessary for the Coke diet to create a better plan with betterquality.The management of the Coca-Cola faced various problems in marketing of the diet coke. It isbecause the Irish culture demands tea rather than any other soft drink or diet drink because itgives them a feeling of comfort and they gets attracted towards tea. The major problem faced byCoca-Cola is sexuality. It means that the Coca-Cola does not include women in theadvertisement of Diet coke. This influences the population in a large context. Due to this, women
MARKETING STRATEGY AND PLAN3are not attracted towards the diet coke, and they do not like to use it. On the other hand, creatingdemand for soft drinks is being considered very difficult for the organization. But, in the USA,the sale of the diet coke is much higher than the sale in Ireland which further brings a challengein front of the organization to establish diet coke in the Irish market. The Usage of porter fiveforces model or the PESTEL analysis will help the organization to analyze its internal or externalfactors in an efficient manner. This will help the organization in creating market demands for itsproduct. With the help of Porter analysis, the organization can significantly measure the demandand behavior of competitors as well as customers who will be further utilized in developing anappropriate strategy for product development and promotion of the diet coke in the target marketof the Ireland or the other country (Dahl, 2014). The organization can resolve its all problems byusing appropriate promotion strategy and adding attractive features in order to promote diet coke.This might prove helpful in attracting people in large context.Answer 2It can be said that every organization prefers males for advertisements of their soft drinks. Theydon't prefer females for the advertisement. There can be several reasons behind it. The first andthe foremost reason behind it can be that the soft drink which is advertised by women is notsuitable for the health of women (Wilson, 2012). If a woman is doing an ad for a soft drink, itmeans that it is healthy for both women and men. On the other hand, it is also considered thatadvertisement of soft drinks by women may be against the culture of their religion whichinfluences the sale in a larger context. Furthermore, Coco-cola knows the facts that drinking dietcoke may harm the body of females. Diet coke is made up of such ingredients like the presencesugar in large quantity, and this may increase the weight of females. It is the main reason behindfor which females are not being selected in order to promote the product further (Deans, 2016).
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