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Personal And Professional Development

Assignment Brief

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Added on  2023-02-02

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Personal And Professional Development

Assignment Brief

   Added on 2023-02-02

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Personal and professional development
Skill enhancement is a vital need of every
individual. Personal and professional development
is known to be a concept that aims at overall
growth of a person's skills and talent. Personal and
professional development mainly is assumed to be
a way which helps in managing learning as well as
implementing strategies for growth of individuals
Time management is a quite crucial factor in every
business concern which helps a manager in timely
handling tasks assigned. Managers of Travelodge
undertake various strategies that help in timely
achievement of goals and objectives. Some major
strategies have been explained as under:
Prioritising workload of employees: It is
very important that employees in Travelodge are
delegated tasks as their skills and expertise. Tasks
should also be assigned based on time as well as
their importance. This helps employees in timely
completion of activities.
Evaluation and usage of effective time-management strategies.
Setting objectives: Setting up goals and objectives is very essential as it helps in
ascertaining differences between actual as well as desirable performance. This
acts a base for measuring and evaluating performance of employees.
Making and keeping appointments: This strategy helps managers in keeping
a systematic record of all day to day activities. This helps managers of Travelodge
in checking whether employees are performing assigned tasks within a given time
I practiced effective strategies related to time management. This helped me
in timely completion of my business operations. Furthermore, it also leads to in
time accomplishment of goals and objectives. Also by practicing time
management, my peers and subordinates got motivated and asked me for ways
they could employ for practicing time management in their work.
Allen, C. D. and Penuel, W. R., 2015.
Studying teachers’ sensemaking to
investigate teachers’ responses to
professional development focused on
new standards. Journal of Teacher
Education. 66(2). pp.136-149.
Cottrell, S., 2015. Skills for success:
Personal development and
employability. Macmillan
International Higher Education.
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