Project Management Plan (PMP) for EduStream

This assignment involves creating a project proposal and preliminary planning for a new media deployment solution called 'EduStream' for EdMedia International Pty Ltd.

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This document provides a detailed project management plan for EduStream, an online educational content provider. It includes information about the project scope, key team members, deliverables, and stakeholder analysis.

Project Management Plan (PMP) for EduStream

This assignment involves creating a project proposal and preliminary planning for a new media deployment solution called 'EduStream' for EdMedia International Pty Ltd.

   Added on 2023-04-07

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Project Management Plan (PMP) EduStream
1 Overview Information
Project Title/Name EduStream Pilot (Phase 1)
Project Description The project is based on delivering a website, which would
provide educational content to a wide range of clients. The
project proposal involves the creation of a system that would
utilise the same kind of architecture that is implemented by
several other video delivery content provider such as Netflix
(Chow, Bridges & Commander, 2014). This website would
involve the use of Real Time Streaming Protocol for providing
real-time streaming of video content to users. This project is
considered as a one-year pilot project that would be the primary
foundation within the EduStream system (Scanlon, McAndrew
& O'Shea, 2015). The project is mainly based on delivering
effective, stable and a user-friendly streaming solution.
Project Purpose The primary and specific needs with the implementation of this
project are:
To deliver educational content to students and teachers in an
easy manner.
To engage students with education by providing them self-
tutoring services.
To manage the course content and thus train and teach students
with their educational curriculum
To assess the learning progress of the students on a weekly or
monthly basis by taking tests within the website.
Project Scope The scope of the concerned project is based on delivering high
quality of educational content in the form of videos and lectures
from renowned professors. This form of educational content
would be of great help to students who are studying a vast
number of subjects (Patrick et al., 2014). The computing
architecture of EduStream follows the same as of Netflix and
thus would be able to stream real-time videos in high quality.
The project would deliver these services and would also
comprise of a vast database that would store hundreds of
videos, financial information of clients and usage records for
each client while viewing those videos. The project would also
incur high level of security features that would ensure the
confidentiality of user data (Kelly, Lesh & Baek, 2014).
Initially, the project would deploy their contents in certain
regions such as Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.
Project Sponsor Bill Shanks (EdMI Chief Information Officer (CIO))
Project Manager Ruskin Samuel
Key Project Team Members (Add/Delete Rows as appropriate)
Name Role Responsibilities Contact Details
Bill Shanks EdMI Chief
Responsible for
fund sanctions
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Project Management Plan (PMP) for EduStream_1
Project Management Plan (PMP) EduStream
Officer (CIO)
Ruskin Samuel Project Manager Designing project
plan, allocate
resources and
handle the project
Jill Mars Educational
Content Expert
educational content
and videos
Dan Collins Legal and
Supporting and
making contractual
negotiations with
subcontractors and
Bill Haley Security Expert Handling security
issues and related
legal requirements
Doris Sykes Head of
Marketing Team
Handling security
issues and related
legal requirements
Ben Stokes Head of Technical
Handle technical
issues, develop
selection criteria
based, choose the
technologies and
also conduct final
testing of the
deliverable product
Key Project
The primary deliverables within this project are:
Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), which would be
enabled and embedded during coding for the project.
Deliver a video content provider website that would
meet to the expectations of students in relation to their
educational career.
High level encryption systems to secure the
confidentiality of user accessible data during streaming
and after logging process.
To incur high efficient software through which the code
would be written and the website be developed.
Definitions and
Acronyms used
RTSP - Real-Time Streaming Protocol
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Hossain, M. S., & Muhammad, G. (2015). Enhanced
engineering education using smart class
environment. Computers in Human behavior, 51, 852-856.
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Project Management Plan (PMP) for EduStream_2
Project Management Plan (PMP) EduStream
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Project Management Plan (PMP) for EduStream_3
Project Management Plan (PMP) EduStream
2 Project Organisation
2.1 Organisation Chart
(Fig 1: The Organisational Chart of EdMedia International Pty Ltd (EdMI))
(Source: Created by author)
The organisational helps in understanding the key stakeholders who are involved within the
project. This chart also depicts the main persons and their levels within the organisation.
Some of the key persons and their responsibilities are defined as:
The CEO of the organisation would look into each of the project related aspects such as
financial budget, project plan, project progress status, expectancy of customers and many
others. The project sponsor would directly report to the CEO regarding all these concerns.
The project manager would follow the instructions provided by the project sponsor, develop
his own ideas and then develop a proper solution for the progress of the project. Each of the
other concerned people under the hierarchy of the project manager would be assigned their
own responsibilities by the project manager. They would share their individual daily work
status, which would further be shared to the higher authority.
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