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Report of Developing Manager

Added on - 27 Jan 2020

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INTRODUCTIONDeveloping manager is considered as a process of continuous improvement in set of ownskills so that better management of operational activitieshas to be taken into consideration.Moreover, it can be depicted thatimprovement in skills allows to meet the personal andprofessional objectives in desired manner. It is a process that allows promoting long termsustainability and ensure thatthe objectives as well as targets is to be complete and achieved inthe appropriate manner.In present report, the work culture of Cox and Kings will be evaluated(Jackson, Schuler and Werner, 2011). Cox and Kings is one of leading travel and tourism sectorbusiness firm and offers wide range of services. It has been noticed that present report is focusedtowards diverse leadership methods. Significance of management and leadership styles for theorganisation can be understand in appropriate manner.The present report of developing managerdescribes about the management theories as well as styles and leadership styles as well which areused by the Thomas Cook and Cox and Kings company. Both the firms are operating in thetravel and tourism sector which required better managers. Furthermore, the project focuses onpersonal skills, leadership characteristics as well as qualities which are helps to develop at theworkplace. At the end, it emphasises on the personal and professional development plan.TASK 11.1 Management stylesManagers are key asset for the company which are helps to the business in its smoothfunctioning and for that it is necessary that they have better management styles. With focusing onthe firm and on the management styles the business firm like Cox and Kings can have betterwork management.The different management styles helps to the company in order toaccomplish aims and targets of the firm in easy way.Autocratic, democratic, Taylor and HenryFayol management styles are mainly employed by businesses. It has been witnessed that Cox andKings has adopted Henry Fayol management style in order to ensure about work management(Kleynhans and et. al., 2009). With an assistance of this, company is effectively managing teamworkas well as lead the overall team of company in the proper manner up to greater extent.Inthis division of work is being taken into account which allows to reduction in division of work. Ithelps in proper allocation of roles and responsibilities so that performance can be advanced. In3
this, employees are treated in fair manner so that long term sustainability can be promoted.Hierarchical values are being referred by management because it assists in meeting key goals andobjectives (Armstrong and Stephens, 2005). It improves the level of work environment which isbeneficial for better performance. Relationship between employees is also referred effectively sothat better competitive edge can be gained.On the other side the Taylor management style is employed by Thomas Cook which assistin meeting long term sustainability. It has been noticed that management consider rule of thumbas a critical aspect so that determination of work activities can be advanced. With an assistanceof this, particular task can be accomplished inwanted wayfor effective sustainable development(Salas, Bowers amd Edend, 2001). Work activities are closely supervised by the management orsupervisor which assist in meeting key goals and objectives. It allows to consider workbreakdown structure so that managers can have better work quality. Planning and organising oftasks is also significant for management which assist in better performance. Application of suchmanagement measures or principals allow to advance the work flexibility. Employees andmanagers have collective working in this management style which advances the work efficiency(Nutley, 2008).1.2 Leadership characteristicsIt can be analysed that there are various kinds of leadership styles as well ascharacteristics which must used by the leaders at the workplace for leading the team.By havingan effective application of leadership styles and characteristics the businesses can havesustainable development. Skills that a manager or leader must have are classified as workintegrity, communication and problem solving skills (Rose, 2008). With an assistance of suchaspect theenterprisecan attain better opportunities in the market. Classification of leadershipmethods can be as autocratic, democratic, John Adair and Bennis leadership.Furthermore, it is tobe stated that by having an application of John Adair leadershipmodel the management of Cox and Kings is having sustainable development. It also allows togain better understanding in regard to diverse leadership elements which help in improving taskaccomplishment. Team management is also advanced by having consideration of leadershipcharacteristics. For effective accomplishment of task the manager of Cox and Kings is focusedtowards better understanding of goals (Samaras, 2010). It also helps in meeting deadlines for4
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