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Responsibilities and Key Roles of the Marketing Function

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Added on  2020-02-17

Responsibilities and Key Roles of the Marketing Function

   Added on 2020-02-17

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Responsibilities and Key Roles of the Marketing Function_1
P1: explanation of responsibilities and key roles of the marketing functionMarketing is the most important tool in the functioning of an organization. The power of making abusiness successful depends largely on the marketing techniques followed by the organizationalhead. It must be a sharp mind and an equipped experience that chooses the adequate marketingtechniques for the organization. This part of the project discusses the importance and the key rolesplayed by the marketing function. The most important role played by the marketing technique is the establishment of relationshipsbetween the targeted customers and the organization. Establishment of a good relationship is alwaysvery important for a new business to penetrate the market and establish themselves as one of thesuccessful entrepreneurs. Not only have the new entrepreneurs, a good relationship between theorganization and the customers has also helped an existing business to flourish over a largergeographical area. Such conditions also help the customers to grow a confidence over theorganization allowing them to try the products and the services when there is introduction of anynew product into the market. Another aspect of marketing is that it remains highly responsible for the increase in the revenue ofthe organization and therefore, helps in the increase of the organizational profitability. Thus it canbe said from the above facts that such a step to make a smooth relationship between theorganization and the customers helps in the growth of the market for the products offered by therespective organization. Whether an organization is small or large, it is very important to select theright marketing technique to promote the organization.P2: explanation of the roles of marketing in relation to an wider organizational contextMarketing is not only an important tool to promote the organizational products and services. Therespective studies on the marketing of the product show that it has huge influence over the otherdepartments or functional units that are linked with the organization. For example, the departmentof finance and management is very dependent on the marketing of the products. As marketing plansinclude the information regarding the new and the existing products, it is obvious that the financemanagement would be a part of it. Marketing affects the sales as it provides inputs in theorganization. Marketing also assists the production or the operational departments. It estimates thetype and the number of products that the organization produces. Marketing strategies may also try
Responsibilities and Key Roles of the Marketing Function_2
to stimulate certain responses in the market that influences the demands of the goods or services onthe basis of timing. The sales departments might also draw help from the marketing department as itdeals with the relationships of the organization with the clients. Marketing offers an upper hand insuch functioning of the organization.
Responsibilities and Key Roles of the Marketing Function_3
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In the current scenario, marketing of products and services significantly impact variousissues, such as branding, decisions of buyers and sales. According to recent studies, some of themost important aspects of marketing involve goods or services that are in trends, properconsideration of buyer and competitor, selection of appropriate market and communication with thestaff to offer the standard services.The marketing plan for EE Limited is generally developed byspecific reports, which in turn encourages the brand value of the organization as well as theirexisting approach. In that plan report will focus on the objectives, strategy and financial planning ofEE by considering external and internal analysis. Moreover report has proposed demographicandundifferentiated targeting strategy for marketing of organizational services and products.It hasalso provided the information about the budget of overall marketing planning and implementationto achieve the objectives.
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