Team work in Riverina Agriculture and Lifestyle Assignment

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1The team: We careWe care is a team of three including Waqar Hassan Virk, Shamroz Naveed, and Hem RajSharma. Working in a team is much more than just working together. The team success dependson the individual commitment, sense of belonging, and team ownership. We care will ensurethat all the three team members:1.Understand the team goals and targets2.Clearly, understand the team vision and target3.Agree on the common values, and embrace with whole heartedly4.Will value the physical, and emotional attributes, which can have any significance orimportance to the team membersNameContact informationPhone numberThe project overviewThe team is developing a computer based ticketing system forRALS committee, whichwill replace the manual Riverina Agriculture and lifestyle show ticketing system. The manualticketing system causes unnecessary delays. In addition to that, the people take advantage of thecrowd and slip through the gates without paying to avoid long waiting time. The issue is moreamplified on the opening days. The event managers the Globex have approached Virtucon anddevelop an automated ticketing system for the business. Through the online ticketing system, thepatron will be able to access and purchase tickets online. The platform should be made available
2laptops, mobile devices, and tablets. At the same time, the digital tickets will be scanned at thegates. The data collected at the gates will be used to generate reports. Moreover, the digitaltickets should be made available on various sale locations, targeting the customer who does nothave a PC or other similar facilities available, and the customer can choose from the differentticket options according to their needs. The aim of the innovative project is to limit the waitingqueues and increase the sale of the digital tickets.The Project objectivesThe project will have the following objectives:1.To develop an online ticket system, from where the customers can buy tickets online2.The digital tickets can be scanned at the entrance gate3.The platform should be made available laptops, mobile devices, and tablets4.The online ticket system is aimed to enhance sales, and reduce the entrance gate queuetime5.The online ticketing system will include different type of the tickets including thesingleday passes, two, and three day passes, Family passes, kids pass, student passes,and concession passes,6.Alternatively, the digital tickets should be made available on various sale locations7.Finally, the Riverina Agriculture and lifestyle show ticketing system will be used tocollect data at the gates and generate reports.
3Team CharterSkills, Knowledge Inventory, Roles and ResponsibilitiesNameSkills and KnowledgeRoles and ResponsibilityAAccounting and operationsThe member will be responsible to determine thecost, design the budget, and carry the cost benefitanalysis.BProgramming and codingThe team member will be responsible for designingthe front end, and coding of all the functionsCHuman Resource Management(HRM)The team members will be responsible for humanresource management, assigning the role, evaluatingtheir performance, giving feedback, training, anddevelopmentDUser Interface (UI) skillsDesign and placement of UI element on every pagebased on the layout, navigation, and the resources.ESystem and application testingThe system testing will cover the integration testing,the security testing, the regression testing, and theapplication testing. Identifying the defects, andsuggesting possible remedies.FSales activities coordinationThe sale data will be collected at regular intervals.The collected data will be analyzed and conclusionsthus found will be used for developing futurestrategies.GMaintenance and supportThe team members will be responsible to record and
4respond to the customer queries, and complaintsHDatabase management andoperationsThe database will record all theinformationand willexecute the data related options.ILeadership and managementThe team leader will work in close coordination toensure that the team goals are efficiently met, and theteam members areperformingto the best of theirabilities.JProject Management skills andknowledgeThe members will be responsible for all the differenttypes of communication with the clients, and otherstakeholders. This may include conflict management,managing disputes, activities related to properexecution, and project closure activitiesCommunication within the teamThe regular team meeting will be conducted to analyze and discuss the projectperformance, pace, direction, and how the various activities are executed. The projects, goals,and targets will be critically analyzed. The meeting will be held at 9 am every morning at theconference room. The resources working from outstation will be included in the meeting througha web based teleconference facility.Meeting ProceduresThe meeting will be chaired by the project manager. The meeting schedule and agendawill be shared with the team members in advance. An invitation will be sent from the projectmanager, and the team members will be requested to acknowledge the invitation.
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