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Report The Purple Mail Company - Working With The Leading People

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Added on  2020-02-05

Report The Purple Mail Company - Working With The Leading People

   Added on 2020-02-05

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INTRODUCTION Recruitment and selection process is the important part of the organization whereinmanager gives the job opportunity to the individual. It helps people to get the chance forperforming the talent in front of the management. In this report, manager contributes the ownknowledge and skills in selection process and appoints the new employees at the work placewhich helps to managing the day to day operation and attain the goals and objectives. Under thisreport, there are various aspects of the working with the leading people will be studied in thecontext The Purple Mail Company. It is the one of the largest courier Firm in UK. The presentreport covers, there are various differences between leadership and management. Differentleadership style which is used by the manager for handling the situation at the work place. Thereare various alternative ways of motivation which helps employees to attain the goals andobjectives of the business. In addition to this, the team members working together which helpsto completing the task on time and fulfils the demand of the clients. Organization involves thevarious aspects of monitoring the work performance of the employees. Manger of the companyprepare the plan for assessment of the development of the employees at the work place. In thisway, manager also uses the process for improving the standard level of the management andleadership performance as well. TASK 11.1 Purple mail company hiring a sales executive officer in our company so it is a new opportunity for the candidate who are looking for a job who have:Approval of recruitment – The recruitment process is started with the approval ofrecruitment from the authority of the organisation .The sales department of the PMcompany who need sales executive candidate.Job title – Sales executivevacancy - 50 Job description and job specification -Sales executive officer sell comp-any productsand services . HE / SHE maintain a good relationship with a customer , we are hiring areperson in sales executive position are sales representative, sales consultant, territorymanager, business development representative .
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Candidate profile - HE / SHE must be complete their 10th , 12th , Graduate/ postGraduate, and minimum 0-5 year of experience in sales and marketing department . Skillsin sales and negotiating techniques, must posses excellent written , oral , presentingskills. Responsibility of sales executive - The responsibility of sales executive are generatenew business through a series of networking events, industry contacts, maintain accurateand organised documentation on all clients to create partnership that yields success,resultand credibility. Participate in special projects , as needed , Maintain accurate andorganised and organised documentation on all clients and prospects. ( Armstrong, andTaylor, 2014)Location - Job location for the candidate as per the our requirements and also suitablefor candidate Salary – 25000 per month for freshers. 35000 -50000 per month for experience. Timing – 9:00 A.M. To 8 :00 P.M. 1.2Recruitment is a very crucial process it involve hiring right person at right place, the onlyHR manager is not involved in the selection process but also a line manager also recruiting byusing appropriate skills and knowledge ((Bamberger, Biron,And Meshoulam,2014 ) ). Beforeselecting a person a HR manger first scan the external environment because law, rules andregulations change continue by the UK government they directly or indirectly impact therecruitment and selection process. PM company while selecting at new position they first scanthe environment. The impact of legal , ethical , regulatory consideration affect in recruitment andselecting a new staff for PM company are discussed below- Impact of sex discriminatory act- PM company is bound to maintain the sexdiscriminatory in its companies according to laws and regulation lay down under sexdiscrimination act. Any person or candidate attend interview process whether it is she orhe , PM company treat equally both female and male while selecting an new person injob position .
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