Report: Human Resources Assistant

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IntroductionThis report aims to identify the key components for the job of‘Human Resources Assistant’ anddraw up the person specifications that details the essential and the desirable criteria for a personin this job. It will be beneficial in matching the employees with the suitable skills desired for thesuited position of the job. Every position has different necessities and needs owing to itsuniqueness in the organization. Every job required skills, educational qualifications and pastexperiences. The job analysis helps the organization to understand the requirements of the job soas to fix the responsibilities, duties and authority for the proposed positions. Job analysis isimportant for hiring a suitable candidate so as to gain competitive advantage and to achieve allthe objectives and goals. The analysis is usually performed by the Human Resource Departmentfor each job profile present in the organization and suitable employees are appointed usingvarious tools and evaluation measures. This helps the organization to attain the best potential inthe market and to increase the productivity of the company for making it run and growsuccessfully. This report presents the job analysis of Human Resources Assistant’ and theattributes that the person in this position should have will be included in the report. The reportstresses on importance of verifying the applicant information presented in the resume byconducting interview and pre-employment testing. These factor will be beneficial in training andeducation of employees recruited for onboarding. The attributes presented in the study alsoprovide the desirable and essential attributes required in the person specifications. Also, thereasons for choosing the criteria and the way in which the measurement for the same will happenwill be explained in this report.
Job descriptionJob DescriptionTeam:Human ResourcesPost Title:Human Resources AssistantPosts Responsible to (andLevel):Human Resource ManagerPosts Responsible for (andLevel):NoneJob Purpose:The primary purpose of the job is to provide administrative support in a most effectivemanner for the position of HR advisors and HR manager through ensuring high quality of service inproviding the information of process and procedures of human resource and to examine the processingof data through using the Human resource information system.
Responsibilities and Duties:Take the duty of supporting in the functions of recruitment and selection which comprises ofinvoice processing, advertisement placing, chasing references, interview arrangement,rechecking of pre-employment records, and others.Acts as a member of panel at the time of recruitment and contributes towards the hiring ofright candidate for the particular job.Undertake the responsibility for supporting the utilization of Enterprise whichcomprises of mailing relevant contractual information, processing honorarium, pursuingqueries with the team managers and others.Take a responsibility of administrative duties which includes the support in various process ofHR. It comprises of paternity and maternity leave, panel of job evolution, procedure ofprobation, special leave forms and others.Take the responsibility of supporting in the organizational culture of learning anddevelopment which comprises of collaboration of individual appraisals with individuallearning and correlate the information with the training evolution.Take the responsibility of supporting the manager of Human resource in delivering the cultureof safety and health within the organization and it comprises of maintain the records oftraining related to the culture of health and safety.Take the responsibility of supporting the HR team in administration which comprises ofinformation distribution, taking minutes of meetings and organize them, update the page ofintranet related to the HR environment and word processing.Maintain the HR information system and generation different types of letters through regularusing of information technology.
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