190+ Interesting Informative Speech Topics & Ideas

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Published: 2022-09-30

Table of Content

  • Types of Informative Speeches
  • On the basis of the information provided, there are mainly four types of informative speeches, they are:
  • How to choose an informative research topic?
  • Top 20 new and innovative informative speech topics
  • Top 20 Science informative speech topics
  • Top 20 Business informative speech topics
  • Top 20 Communication informative speech topics
  • Top 20 Economics informative speech topics
  • Top 20 Education informative speech topics
  • Top 20 Environment informative speech topics
  • Top 20 Geography informative speech topics
  • Top 20 Informative speech topics on government and law
  • Top 11 Sports informative speech topics
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  • Conclusion:


Everybody has their own style of addressing thoughts, and expressing views, this act of addressing views and thoughts to a number of people is known as speech.

There are different types of speech, and informative speech is one of them.

An informative speech is a speech that could be delivered in many ways such as monologue, and anecdote, and backed by real information, data, and statistics, this made your words and thoughts more affirmative in front of the audience. An informative speech mostly depends on factual data.

The objective of the informative speech is to connect with the audience through relevant and reliable information and to add something to their knowledge, the main aim of an informative speech is to augment the knowledge of the audience and not to build their opinions.

Types of Informative Speeches

On the basis of the information provided, there are mainly four types of informative speeches, they are:

  1. Demonstrative speeches
  2. Explanatory speeches
  3. Descriptive speeches
  4. Definition speeches

Demonstrative speeches:  These speeches give an audience a broad idea of, how to perform an action or process.

Explanatory speeches: These speeches explain the reason behind any state or action.

Descriptive speeches: These speeches try to draw a clear portrait of an event, situation, or phenomenon in order to describe them more clearly.

Definition speeches: These speeches are delivered by experts, in order to give a verified definition of a particular concept, theory, or process.

How to choose an informative research topic?

Half of the battle is won, once you have chosen the right informative speech topic. But before going for any topic there are a few things that have to be kept in mind: first consider your own interest, then know your audience, consider length requirements, and then choose a topic for the speech. Here we are going to suggest some good topics for informative speech.

Top 20 new and innovative informative speech topics

  1. Vedic math
  2. Artificial intelligence and its uses
  3. E-learning versus classroom learning
  4. Importance of education in professional growth
  5. Learning outside the classroom
  6. Hobbies and the impact of hobbies on one’s life
  7. Role of social media in building a perspective of a child
  8. Online learning
  9. Written practice or verbal practice, which is better?
  10. Different ways of teaching
  11. Impact of IoT on the ways of work
  12. Cybersecurity and concerns related to it
  13. Cryptocurrency and risks involved in it
  14. Machine learning versus artificial learning
  15. Cloud computing
  16. Coding
  17. Deforestation
  18. Afforestation
  19. Inculturation
  20. Acculturation

Top 20 Science informative speech topics

  1. Contributions of einstein
  2. Astrophysics
  3. Geophysics
  4. Charles Darwin
  5. Functions of the right and left brain
  6. Comparing reptiles and mammals
  7. Alternative sources of energy
  8. What is intergalactic civilization?
  9. CRISP concept and its importance
  10. Pros and cons of 3d printing
  11. Technology in the food industry
  12. Violence through games
  13. Computer viruses and types.
  14. What is big data?
  15. Genetically modified foods
  16. Ethical hacking
  17. The scientific and religious dilemma
  18. Nuclear science
  19. Robotics
  20. Aviation and aeronautical science

Top 20 Business informative speech topics

  1. Ways to start a new business
  2. Digital marketing
  3. How to revive a business
  4. Business goals
  5. How to motivate employees?
  6. Employee engagement and successful connection
  7. How to multiply turnover?
  8. How to promote your brand through marketing and advertising?
  9. Impact of training and development on the working capability of an employee or worker.
  10. Impact of incentives on the performance of an employee and productivity of the business or company.
  11. How to create a successful brand?
  12. Psychological tactics in the field of marketing.
  13. Best sales tactics
  14. Use CPQ salesforce software?
  15. benefits of multi-level marketing?
  16. Enterprise resource planning
  17. Generating leads can be easier
  18. Role of central banks in providing business loans
  19. Strategic business management
  20. How do the personal characteristics of a businessman impact the business?

Top 20 Communication informative speech topics

  1. What should be the body language at the time of the interview?
  2. How do deaf and dumb people express themselves?
  3. How to be a leader by using good communication skills?
  4. How to become a good persuasive speaker?
  5. What kind of communication skills a counselor should possess?
  6. Neuro linguistic programming
  7. Communicative disorder
  8. Why are some smiles contagious?
  9. How to express yourself without words?
  10. Some facts related to storytelling
  11. Some tips for effective communication
  12. What are the qualities of a leader?
  13. How can good communication make you a good leader?
  14. How to overcome stage fear?
  15. How do overcome speech deformities?
  16. Speech on international platforms
  17. Body language while delivering the speech
  18. Communication skills are a must for public speaking
  19. Use of emotive language in speech
  20. Importance of adding fun and comedy elements while giving speeches to high school and college students

Top 20 Economics informative speech topics

  1. Taxes
  2. Currency exchange rates
  3. Custom duty
  4. Role of central banks in a country's economy
  5. Taxes are levied on carbon emissions
  6. Effects of price and demand on an economy
  7. How development is important for the growth of the economy
  8. Concept of average salary
  9. The status of a developed and developing country is based on the economy of the country
  10. Role of the international monetary fund
  11. Economic crisis
  12. Recession
  13. Inflation and deflation
  14. Supply chain
  15. International trade organization
  16. The great depression
  17. Stock market and its role in the economic growth and development of a country
  18. The yearly budget of different countries
  19. How to make the right investment choice?
  20. Investment planning and some helpful plans

Top 20 Education informative speech topics

  1. Use of the internet in the classroom
  2. Smart class
  3. The education system should be the amalgam of both theoretical and practical knowledge
  4. Formal education in building a professional career
  5. Virtual classes versus traditional classroom classes
  6. How to overcome learning disabilities?
  7. Should homework be given to students?
  8. Interpersonal skills
  9. Talent acquisition in schools and colleges
  10. How to mix creativity in the process of learning?
  11. Learning and fun activities in the classroom
  12. New technical skills should be taught in schools
  13. Should the usage of gadgets be banned in classrooms?
  14. How good teaching creates a positive psychological impact on the mind of weak students
  15. Should a child be judged by his/her marks or not?
  16. Language development classes in the vacant period
  17. Hobby classes in the vacant period relieve stress from the mind of a child
  18. Teaching skills play an important role in 6the life of a child
  19. How to support a weak child?
  20. State the difference between the development and growth of the mind

Top 20 Environment informative speech topics

  1. Carbon emissions
  2. Green fuel
  3. Greenhouse effect
  4. Acid rain
  5. Global warming
  6. Garbage burning
  7. Plastic churning and reusing it
  8. Gasses are involved in global warming
  9. Zero waste consumption
  10. Which industries are most harmful to the environment?
  11. Climate issues arriving due to global warming
  12. Melting of icebergs and polar caps
  13. Oil spills in seas and oceans
  14. Sustainable development for the future
  15. Afforestation
  16. Deforestation
  17. Body burial or cremation?
  18. Effect of commercial crops on the water table
  19. Solar energy
  20. Wind energy

Top 20 Geography informative speech topics

  1. The concept of longitude and latitude
  2. The temperature at the equator
  3. Tempoerature at tropic of capricorn
  4. The temperature in the tropic of cancer
  5. The temperature in the arctic circle
  6. The temperature in the antarctic zone
  7. Role of the prime meridian
  8. Greenwich standard time zone
  9. Why India has its own Indian standard time?
  10. Cartography
  11. Climatology
  12. Antipodes
  13. Western winds and their effect on the world
  14. The temperature in deserts
  15. Flora and fauna in temperate zones
  16. Flora and fauna in humid zones
  17. Prairies and grasslands
  18. Continental drift theory
  19. Vulcanology
  20. Movements of continental and oceanic plates

Top 20 Informative speech topics on government and law

  1. Juvenile custody
  2. Drinking age rules
  3. Anti-trust crimes
  4. Minimum wage laws of different countries
  5. What should be the status of drinking and smoking in public places?
  6. Constitutional remedies and amendments for the sake of the public
  7. Marriage rights of homosexuals
  8. The legality of abortion in the case of a girl child
  9. Illegal immigrants and government take on them
  10. Election in a democracy
  11. Political unrest in various countries
  12. Socialism versus capitalism
  13. Privatization and globalization
  14. Free trade agreements between two countries
  15. How politics impact the economy of the country
  16. Role of women in politics
  17. Legalization of some drugs
  18. Red-tapism
  19. Law-making procedures in different countries
  20. The era of liberalization

Top 11 Sports informative speech topics

  1. The phenomenon of sports fans
  2. Importance of sports in mental development
  3. Spirit of a sportsman
  4. Women develop the value of sports
  5. Team building spirit in any sports
  6. Leadership qualities in the sports team captain
  7. Playing for your country
  8. Traumas felt by sportsmen
  9. Pressure on the captain of the team
  10. Commonwealth games
  11. How to choose sports as a professional career? 

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An informative speech is one that provides information and educates the audience about a particular topic or situation.

An informative speech helps the audience to learn, understand, and remember the information a speaker tries to deliver. Informative speech makes a connection between the audience and the speaker.

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